Our Services

Land Development

We collaborate closely with clients, offering comprehensive end-to-end land development services. Our substantial investment in advanced GPS-controlled equipment guarantees precise quality and cost-effectiveness.

• Earthworks
• Sediment control 
• Drainage
• Utility services
• Roading
• Pavements
• Retaining walls
• Car parks
• Traffic management


Opie operates a significant fleet of modern spreaders and hoes to create custom solutions for you. With our own fleet of transporters, we can swiftly relocate equipment across the region to meet your needs.

• Subgrade stabilization
• Pavement stabilization
• Fill drying


Our dedicated in-house professionals are committed to providing the highest quality of service, using the latest technology to achieve all-round excellence and cost effective solutions.

We prioritize top-quality service and engage early to work collaboratively with all the relevant stakeholders to achieve  excellence in all areas, delivering accurate results and exceptional service to our clients.

• Surveying
• Engineering
• Project management
• GPS machine control setup